Forevermore Literature

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Custom Services

Custom Writings

What do you need written today? With experience in everything from novels, to articles, to blogs and much more, we love to create written works of all kinds. We'd love to hear about your project, and how we can compose it into a custom piece you are proud of.


Do you have a great story to tell - as a memoir, work of fiction, or in most any other form - but are just not certain how to put it into the words? Or perhaps you simply don't have the time. We offer ghostwriting services to make it happen for you the way you want to see it.

Editing Services

Our editing services put the polish necessary on your finished or mostly finished written works. We edit documents and writings of all kinds to give you the professional edge. Let your creativity and content flow onto the pages, and then let us take care of the grammar and structure.



Next to writing, teaching is our other great passion! We love to share what we have learned with others and to help develop the skills and talents of other writers. We work will all levels of age, experience, and interest, so tell us what you'd like to learn and we can create a custom plan for you.

Consulting & Advising

Do you have a work in progress and are a little stuck, or looking for ideas and new directions? Would you like some advisement on a project you plan to start, or one you have finished but are ready for another level of review on? We can help with all of that and more with consulting!

Speaking/Book Clubs

Sharing stories and more is our core value, so we love conversations about our works, any works, writing, and everything related! Do you have a group, class, book club, or other organization into books and writing? We can provide valuable and interesting insights for your group